All About teriQra

All About teriQra

teriQra is the marketplace for local skilled service providers, increasing business, connections and earnings for members and fostering quality for customers.

With teriQra:

  • Providers of skilled, personal services, such as hairdressers, fitness instructors, and interior designers, become more visible, see more customers and earn more money.
  • Because teriQra is focused on local providers, communities become more vibrant, engaged, and personal.
  • With a mandatory provider registration system which includes identity verification, and a sophisticated, trusted ratings system, customers are assured they are dealing with high quality providers who have a good reputation for service and value.

Our Vision

Most small business promotion platforms charge substantial upfront fees and monthly payments in addition to that. For that, you get limited paid listing, finding only "possible" customer connections. Most users of those traditional platforms struggle to get a return from their investment. Sound familiar?

That's why we know our system is better and will help those who are trying to get a foothold in the marketplace but might not have the time, the money, or perhaps either to reach their potential. teriQra is different; we are more efficient, better focused and less expensive than anything you have seen before. We create vibrant communities, successful small business, and thriving skilled people. Our vision is strong, local businesses taking control back from the big, impersonal chains.

Big companies are always busy and expanding. They have the funds to advertise and the people to focus on marketing their business. Face it: this puts substantial pressure on small businesspeople and actual talent trying to build their careers and reputation.

Well our platform helps you do all of this and much more for a cost that fits your needs.

teriQra gets you noticed in your local community and provides you a compelling professional presence. We provide you a personalised page where you can describe yourself, your services, and connections out to your social media platforms and even a map to find you if you have a permanent, physical location. This is your starting point to establish an online presence with us.

We provide the ability to promote yourself through social media. For instance, the platform enables your customers to promote you directly to their friends on Facebook. The average Facebook user has 338 friends; by using teriQra with your own customers, you enable a powerful word of mouth effect and acquire borrowed credibility from your customers.

Testimonials are by far the most effective form of advertising, and teriQra helps you collect, curate and publish these. Your customer's are proactively notified to rate your service-and even asked to leave a gratuity if they wish- and have the option of leaving detailed reviews. You can even share your reviews out to social media to take full advantage of the power of customer testimonials.

teriQra is fresh and dynamic, with new features continually added from our users' feedback and our own research.

How does it work?

teriQra is the marketplace for skilled, personal services. We verify the identities of providers online (this takes only a few minutes) and then the provider subscribes to a 'profession'. This makes the provider a member of the marketplace. As well as being featured in our local search directories, teriQra can accept gratuities and even full payments for providers, depositing the received funds directly into their bank accounts.